Prenuptial Agreement

Effective Prenup Agreements Protect Your Interests

No one ever wants to imagine that the love and compassion felt toward their spouse or soon-to-be spouse will ever fade. However, in many situations, it can be a practical step to enter into a prenuptial, and post nuptial agreement. This is especially true in marriages where one or both spouses have children from a previous relationship or if one or both spouses have family owned businesses.

Whether you are entering into the bond of marriage, are happily married, or are contemplating divorce, the attorneys at Megan B. Rachel can answer your questions about premarital and postmarital agreements and help you create an effective premarital or post-marital agreement. Contact our law office to discuss your situation and circumstances.

Caring, Experienced Legal Help in Texas Family Law

The family law attorneys at Megan B. Rachel wish only the best of happiness for people beginning their lives together through marriage. However, we believe that a healthy marriage begins with openness. Rather than pushing away thoughts that the relationship may eventually end in a divorce settlement, we encourage couples to confront these matters and contemplate how things like property division should be handled if the marriage dissolved.

  • How will marital property, including retirement accounts, be distributed?
  • Will either party provide spousal support /alimony?
  • What property was brought into the marriage by either party?
  • Should property division deviate from Texas community property division laws?

As a Texas family lawyer with more than 27 years of experience, Megan B. Rachel, is capable of guiding couples through these discussions and creating solid, enforceable premarital agreements and postmarital agreements. She ensures that language is clear and concise, that each party fully discloses all assets, and that all guidelines are followed so that the agreement will be enforceable in the future.

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If you have questions about premarital or postmarital agreements or would like to discuss your particular needs with a skilled Texas lawyer, contact Megan B. Rachel.

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