Modification of Child Support

Skilled Assistance in Texas Child Support Modifications

When parents are raising children from separate households, child support provides for the financial support of the children. However, as children grow and family situations change, the current court order for support may no longer accurately reflect the needs of those involved. When parents need to modify a court order for child support, the attorneys at Megan B. Rachel stand ready to guide them through the child support modification process. Contact us for experienced and caring family law representation in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Allen or throughout North Central Texas.

When Situations Change…

Texas family courts do not expect that the child support order will remain static. Under Texas child support laws, parents may request their child support order to be reviewed every three years or when a substantial change in circumstances has occurred which may require an increase or decrease in child support payments. Under Texas law, the following may be an example of a change which may require a modified child support order:

  • Increased child support: An increase in child support obligations may occur when the parent paying support has a pay increase (therefore, increased funds available to pay support), when the needs of the child increase (special needs children, daycare expenses, school expenses, activity expenses, etc.)
  • Decreased child support: A decrease in child support payments may occur when the parent obligated to pay suffers a pay decrease or job loss, when the parent receiving support gets a raise, or when the needs of the child decrease (the child is old enough that daycare is no longer necessary, for example).
  • Changed child support: When there is a modification in child custody, and visitation is affected, the child support order may need to be modified to reflect the current parenting time arrangement.

As a skilled family law attorney with over 27 years of experience, Megan B. Rachel leads our team of lawyers in providing clients with effective, informative legal advice and representation in child support modifications and other family law matters which arise following divorce.

If you have questions about a child support order, wish to request review of an order, or wish to contest modification of your child support order, contact Megan B. Rachel in Frisco, Texas. Our lawyers help clients modify their child support in McKinney, Plano, Allen, and Frisco communities.

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