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As parents develop custody agreements following separation or divorce, grandparents are occasionally left out of the plan. Whether blocked intentionally or unintentionally from their grandchildren, the inability to visit with the kids can be traumatic and painful to both the grandparents and the children.

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Grandparents’ Custody Rights in Texas

In Texas, grandparents’ rights to visitation and child custody are limited in nature. Further, the window of time available to petition for access to the children is extremely limited. Grandparents must quickly seek legal action following a divorce or custody agreement when they have been refused visitation opportunities.

If the grandchildren have been physically residing with their grandparents for a period of time, the grandparents may have rights to custody. However, without a legal agreement in place, a parent retains the right to remove the children from the grandparents’ home at any time.

It behooves grandparents to request legal and physical custody of the grandchildren in situations where the children have been residing with the grandparents for at least six months or where there is physical endangerment if the children live with either parent. In cases of child endangerment, grandparents might choose to pursue either primary custody or adoption.

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