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When many people think of the divorce process, they envision an emotionally charged battle between two people who once loved each other. Divorce doesn’t have to be this way—couples who are willing to work together to resolve their issues may wish to explore the collaborative divorce process.

I am divorce lawyer Megan Rachel. For the last ten years, I have helped Frisco-area couples negotiate the collaborative divorce process. As a member of the Collaborative Law Alliance of Collin County, I have the experience, knowledge of the law and additional training to provide the guidance you need to understand the collaborative divorce process, the benefits it offers, and whether the strategy is appropriate for your situation.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a unique process used to resolve disputes without involving the court. In a collaborative divorce, the parties and their attorneys commit to meet together and use their time to resolve all differences the parties may have justly and equitably, without one side or the other threatening to go to court if things don’t immediately go their way.

Collaborative divorce is a settlement-based process—both spouses, along with their attorneys, work together to resolve the many legal aspects of the end of their marriage. These aspects include child custody and support, property division, spousal support and more. In addition to the parties and their attorneys, a collaborative divorce generally involves the use of two neutral professionals: a mental health professional and a financial professional.

The collaborative divorce process gives you and your spouse ultimate control over the dissolution of your marriage. Without the invasive involvement of the court, you are better able to come to terms and arrangements that fit the needs and goals of each individual while building the foundation for an ongoing relationship after the end of your marriage.

It is important to remember that a collaborative divorce is not the same thing as an uncontested divorce where both spouses agree on every aspect of the divorce. In fact, many collaborative divorce proceedings involve contentious issues. However, in the collaborative divorce setting, spouses make the effort to resolve these contentious issues without the need for court intervention.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

While there are many reasons to choose the collaborative divorce approach, it is important to remember that collaborative divorce is not the best strategy for every couple. When I initially meet with you, we will discuss your situation in detail and, together, decide if the collaborative divorce process is right for you.

Contact Me to Learn More About Collaborative Divorce

By scheduling a consultation with me, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the collaborative divorce process, its benefits and drawbacks, and whether the process is a viable option for your unique situation. Contact me online or call 972-426-2637 to schedule a consultation today.

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