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Ensuring the Financial Support of your Minor Children

Texas parents are required by state law and child support guidelines to provide financial support for all minor children until the age of eighteen and even beyond, under special circumstances.  Frisco child support attorneys believe that every child has a right to receive legally mandated support and works closely with her clients to establish equitable and legal support plans.

Many times, unfortunately, parents may attempt to avoid child support payments, necessitating court actions related to:

Enforcement/Termination/Modification/Emergency Orders

The lawyers at Megan B. Rachel are widely acknowledged as skilled investigators and litigators who will doggedly examine and evaluate each parent’s finances and the needs of minor children in order to establish a support plan pursuant to State guidelines.  The chief goal during any legal hearings involving a minor child is to shield the child from the acrimony of parents and minimize the negative impact of the broken marriage and return the child to some state of normalcy in their lives.

The lawyers at Megan B. Rachel are compassionate advocates for both parents and children who do their best to obtain a swift and cost-effective resolution to child support issues.  We offer personal service, with frequent updates and questions answered in plain language to ensure that you make decisions that are in your children’s best interests and avoid costly litigation in the future.

Child Support Assistance in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Allen, TX

Contact a Frisco divorce attorney at Megan B. Rachel today for a consultation on questions about child support and custody.  Also in the area of Child Support:

Modification of Child Support
Enforcement of Child Support

In addition to child support, we offer comprehensive legal services in the areas of Wills & Probate and Family Law, including divorce and adoption.  Click here for more information on these specific areas of practice.

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